Did you know that there’s an 80%* probability that your Mortgage Lender has sold your mortgage under the process of Mortgage Securitisation, which may result in a legal case?

To find out if you have a claim, a legal opinion will only cost £260** with a refund available (less £56.40) if there is no case.

A successful Mortgage Securitisation Claim (MSC) may entitle you to a significant reduction in your current mortgage liabilities, possibly Writing Off up to 100% of your current mortgage balance. A No Win-No Fee of 24% of any reduced amount or benefit is payable if you win.

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*Based on data provided by the Bank of England, Council of Mortgage Lenders, statistics and other securities market sources indicate that over 80% of ALL mortgages were in fact securitised (sold/transferred/assigned). Known as Mortgage Securitisation.

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Banks/lenders don’t have unlimited funds to lend. Therefore, to free up funds they must remove existing liabilities from their books.

They bundle up hundreds, sometimes thousands of residential and commercial mortgages and sell them on as bonds to large financial institutions (third party investors). These large institutions then resell theses bonds to insurance companies, pension funds and other various funds. In some cases, the mortgage funds end up being traded as Securities and Bonds.

Once the liabilities have been sold on by the lender they can remove the debt from their balance sheet allowing them to lend more money.

In every case, Securitisation of the mortgages is auctioned by the lenders by their use of a Power of Attorney or equivalent rights granted by the borrowers to the lender (usually without the borrower’s knowledge). The Power of Attorney or equivalent rights to sell, transfer or assign the mortgage is present in every single mortgage loan application, offer and acceptance or related documentation provided by the lender.


If your mortgage has been securitised your financial obligation to your lender would have been paid in full. Once your lender removes your mortgage from their balance sheet your contractual obligation ceases. Your mortgage may not be with the mortgage lender who you are continuing to pay. They may be just acting as collection agents for the third party they sold it to.

The major error that the banks/lenders have made is not completing the paperwork correctly and amending the charge they hold on your property. Therefore they do not have the Legal and Equitable right to hold a valid charge on your property and you are entitled to have the charge removed.

You may technically owe it to someone of whom you have no knowledge, but that is for that third party to prove. The banks have already been challenged on wrongful practices and forced to pay billions in compensation for misselling Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). They now face a similar situation with mortgage securitisation and its impact on the borrower, but on a stronger foundation and on a far larger scale.


Please enter your current outstanding mortgage loan amount or current monthly payment below to automatically calculate how much the possible 76% reduction in your total obligations could be after payment of the 24% fees.   NOTE:  This could ONLY be achieved as a result of a successful settlement or award and if you do not win you do not pay anything for stage 2.

*Based on data provided by the Bank of England, Council of Mortgage Lenders, statistics and other securities market sources indicate that over 80% of ALL mortgages were in fact securitised (sold/transferred/assigned). Known as Mortgage Securitisation.




Residential, Buy to Let, Commercial, Interest Only or Repayment



Have you got more than 2 years left before maturity?



Are your repayments up to date and not in arrears

If you answered yes to all 3 questions then Congratulations you Qualify!

The Process & Fees

Stage 1 – Validation Process

Mortgage Securitisation – To find out if your mortgage has been Securitised (Sold, Transferred or Assigned) Legal Quest Plc will submit a Data Subject Access Request to the bank/lender under the Data Protection Act (1998), conduct a formal review of the data and provide a full legal opinion confirming that your mortgage qualifies for a No Win No Fee Representation.  

The Total Upfront Fixed Registration and Admin fee is £260**.

Money Back Guarantee

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Stage 2 – Dispute Process

If you choose to instruct Legal Quest Plc you will have the option of entering in to a No Win No Fee Agreement. If instructed, following the legal opinion, Legal Quest will arrange for the appointment of Professional Representation and registration of the dispute with your lender. If you do not receive any benefit, direct or indirect, it will not cost you any more money. The No Win No Fee Agreement is only settled if a ‘win’ is achieved and fully settled by the lender as part of the settlement terms.

No Win No Fee of 20%+VAT (24% total) Agreement.

Example: Outstanding Mortgage Value at time of settlement = £100,000
No Win No Fee, if successful = £24,000**
Potential Benefit to YOU = £76,000 (after deduction of the No Win No Fee)

**It is anticipated the £100,000 mortgage will be set aside (written off) and a new mortgage of £24,000 will be negotiated with all parties agreeing to the terms of the settlement agreement. The £24,000 will be used to pay the No Win No Fee Agreement


13.2 Million +

Valid UK Mortgages Bank of England Figures (September 2015)

82.67 %

of all UK mortgages were ‘securitised’ by UK lenders –

Are you one of them ?


in total fines and compensation paid by UK banks since 2011

£1.3 Trillion

total value of outstanding mortgages (July 2016)

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